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Hello World

2013-09-02 02:39:36 by Sarnecki

I don't think many people come around to this part of the site anymore, but man oh man do I wish I would've stayed when I had the chance. I haven't animated in more than a year - probably more, I do a lot of writing - Rap music, and creative writing, such as the novel I just completed. If I ever get the chance to get it published, or self-published, I'll for sure throw the info up on here.

I'm getting into acting for film, so if I ever get into something serious - even semi-serious, I'll post that up here as well.
Spill your thoughts, let me know what's happening boys and girls.

Hello World

Okay, ive been getting shit encouragment from anyone for the last 5 months.
Before that everyone was commenting on my page and shit, now i barely get any comments, or like my last post, i get none.

So im done with this. Im loging out a NG for a good 24 months until i finish my final project : EGG ASSAULT, that ive been working on for a whole year now.
Want info on this project? Go Here: st/419013 st/449997 st/481768 st/520013

The only time ill come to NG is to check to see if Krinkels has post MC up.
Heres the screen shot that will leave you hanging for a good 2 years.

You wanna talk to me about this, PM me, Email Me, IM me, or goto my Website

Sarnecki's out->

Okay, ive had enough of this bullshit

Happy Madness 2010!

2010-09-22 09:25:43 by Sarnecki

Hello, and happy maddness day! What a wonderful 4 months i have had, with barely and comunication to newgrounds whatso ever. But i must say i have put alot of animating into my upcoming project:Egg Assault. The progress bar went up a few clicks, as i have finished the first scene in my movie! (Im on 6th scene on flash)
I have not made anything for madness day, cause im not a swell madness animator, and wanted more time on EA, so suck it.

I also come back and see i have 7 comments?! WTF!? i used to be racken up to 20 comments in a week, and now im only graben 7 comments in 4 months? come on guys! COMMENT!

I have watched a few Madness Flashes, and i must say that ine sticks out in particular: The 19.6 MB of pure awesomeness: Xionic Madness 3! This animation kicks major fuckin ass! and if you havent had time to watch it. Make time, and watch it!

Now i did say that i finished the house scene in my flash, but i havent been able to completely finish my next scenes backghround, (will be done soon cause it is shorter than the last one)

So the screen shot i am presenting you with is the half finished scene2 of the movie.
Enjoy, and have a happy madness day!

Happy Madness 2010!

No one even comes to my page anymore...

2010-06-10 20:33:03 by Sarnecki

I have been working on a very detailed project for almost a year now. It wont be done anytime soon. You can see my progress below my user image on it. Yes just less then 10%. It is going to be a very long animation, pretty much a full lenghted movie, that will explain the complete plot of my older (shittier) animation. I pretty much pulled a George Lucas, by showing a bunch of stuff, and a number of characters that mean little to nothing at this moment. No one knows their purpose, or why their in the place they are. Thats what my new film is going to explain. I may have to post it in different parts, as it is going to push the limits of MB in the flash portal. Most of the info on the upcoming flash is right here
This will be a long held post till Madness Day, just so i can get more animating in, and less distractions.

Update on website

Heres a quick update on frames etc.
Frames: 3000 and some
Scenes: Working on the 4th - in the video, it opening scene
Time: 2 and a few, minutes

In other news, I will be starting a new Madness Day project shortly so it will be done and edited by September 22nd. Im thinking about making a sequal to UNI, but not to many people seemed to enjoy it... so ill see what i can do.

Like i said above this will be my last post for a while, ill make an update on Madness Day, and give you a screen shot then.
See you September 22

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New post in about a week

2010-03-18 18:23:44 by Sarnecki

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Im 15 now and it all cool, ive been animating my ass of and have been doing a few other things. My friend and i started doing game reviews, so ill post the videos in a day or so. ALSO on June 11th will be my 2nd year here on Newgrounds

In other words:
I have been steadily increasing my frame percentage by just a bit.
From Christmas till end of February - i did shit all.
Then from around Feburary 20th till now, ive got off my ass and worked.
So im at an action part right now and its fucking intense! it would be great with audio, but i havent heard from my music guy for a looong time.

New post in about a week

Surprisingly I have been working...

2009-12-25 11:10:08 by Sarnecki

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

Id like to really focus on my animation progress. All this time that i havent visual and unresponsive in posts etc, is because ive been working my ass off in my animation progress.
If you look underneath my main picture it says my progress of my upcoming animations, that are being worked on as you read this.
My "Egg Assault Original" is going quite good. Its taken 6 months for me to let out the first screen shot, but here it is!!
I have been working on it sincelate June. Though it did take me 2 months to finish one background of my 2nd scene. but i am in the works of animating the objects that i so far have.
The total number of frames that i have now is 1930. I know its not a shit load for the amount that ive taken upon this huge project, but im taking my time and putting uter most detail into it.

Speaking of huge. You may ask: "Sarnecki, you said you have 1930 frame, and only 7% done?"
Yes, this project is fucking huge. Its only 7% done and is already 3.66 MB Its accually a story line with accual voices and talking.
Ask as many questions as needed, and i shall resp[ond in this post, and keep you updated.
Heres the Screen i promised. Also more updates at MY WEBSITE

Surprisingly I have been working...

Happy Madness Day

2009-09-22 09:30:21 by Sarnecki

Ma animation is DONE AND RELEASED>>> GO WATCH IT!!


2009-08-10 23:49:29 by Sarnecki




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This is me and my friend, hehehe
I dont know why it stops right before the end because thats the best part but.... we are going to try doing some shit like this again once my neck heals, and make it longer, well this is because i took this with my phone but, yeah


Update on my website

2009-06-06 13:31:19 by Sarnecki

>Check out the latest update here<

You can blame him

Now to EA3
Its going great, but really really slowly, this will be my biggest animation yet
yes 1200 frames and im not even done the interduction yet

Also check out my website

Oh yeah its on youtube

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THis is the best song eva :D

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Look whos back

2009-04-18 12:14:45 by Sarnecki

yeah i should update for thoughs who are getting pissed at the same old post thats been up since EA2 came out.
Yes i started and it going alright, the begining is pissing me off, and i can't tell if its bad or not. but i have huge plans for this one and dont know if ill be done it till about September!
frames so far: 700
scene 2

I got that revenue sharing thing. Click on my ad, and click on yours! :D

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Look whos back