Entry #28

Hello World

2013-09-02 02:39:36 by Sarnecki

I don't think many people come around to this part of the site anymore, but man oh man do I wish I would've stayed when I had the chance. I haven't animated in more than a year - probably more, I do a lot of writing - Rap music, and creative writing, such as the novel I just completed. If I ever get the chance to get it published, or self-published, I'll for sure throw the info up on here.

I'm getting into acting for film, so if I ever get into something serious - even semi-serious, I'll post that up here as well.
Spill your thoughts, let me know what's happening boys and girls.

Hello World


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2013-09-02 11:18:01

It's good to see you on, man.

Sarnecki responds:

Thanks for remembering me man, means tons to me bro